Weekly Information Updates
The City of Fruita Charter outlines that the City Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. He is charged with implementing the policies set by the City Council and ensuring that the goals of the City Council are being addressed by the City Staff. The City Manager is politically neutral and is committed to serving whoever is elected. The goal of the Manager is to be a useful resource to the City Council and to provide objective information to the matters at hand, such that the Council can make informed decisions.
As a way of keeping the City Council updated on the activities of the City government, on most Fridays the City Manager attempts to write an Information Update Memorandum. In that memo, the Manager briefly reviews upcoming events, mentions issues that the City Council might hear about on the street and/or just keeps the Council updated on some of the occurrences of the previous week. This memorandum is kept very brief and informal (that is code for they usually have spelling and grammatical errors in the memo, and the details are usually only close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, so be gentle). The Information is written such that it expresses the thoughts of the City Manager only, not necessarily the organization, nor the City Council. These are not position papers, simply weekly observations of the City Manager designed to provide a broad overview of the happenings of the City government.

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