The Administration Department includes the City Clerk's Office and Financial Administration. The Department includes a staff of 5 full time employees and 1 part time employee. Margaret Steelman serves as both the City Clerk and Finance Director. The City Clerk's office maintains official records of the City, conducting elections, administering licenses and serves as Clerk to the City Council. The Finance program provides the accounting, budgeting, utility billing, payroll and investing for the City. You may contact the City Clerk and Finance Department at 325 E. Aspen, Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858-3663.

The City Manager is the chief executive officer of the City. This responsibility includes implementation of Council policies and directives. The Manager is also responsible for the overall planning, coordination, and support for City operations. The Manager has oversite responsibilities for the six major departments, including Administration, Community Development, Public Safety, Public Works, Human Resources, Engineering, and Recreation. You may contact the City Manager at 325 E. Aspen Ave., Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858-3663. 

The Community Development Department assists in all planning services including subdivision and conditional use permit applications, planning clearances for building permits, sign permits, fence permits, zoning inquiries, annexations, long range planning, and other aspects of planning and development in the City of Fruita.  The Community Development Department also encompasses Code Enforcement for the City of Fruita. Applications are available at the Community Development Department at 325 E Aspen Ave., Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858-0786; Fax: (970) 858-0210

Engineering is a division of the Public Works Department and is responsible for the planning, design, and construction oversight of major Capital Improvement Projects for the City, including road and bridge projects, sewer projects and storm drainage projects. The Engineering Division also provides engineering design criteria and development review services to builders and developers, maintains and creates maps and asbuilt information for subdivisions and city infrastructure, provides inspection oversight and approvals for developments, and provides web-based information services. The Engineering Division is located at 325 E. Aspen Ave, Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858-8377.

Human Resources is responsible for administering all phases of personnel management for the city including recruiting, hiring, firing, benefits administration, personnel actions, mandated federal programs, salary surveys, orientation and personnel counseling. Job listings are published in the Daily Sentinel and Free Press newspapers as well as online on the Human Resources page. You may contact the Human Resources Department at 325 E. Aspen Ave., Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858-8373.

The Fruita Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all municipal offenses including but not limited to Code Enforcement, animal offenses, petty and misdemeanor crimes as well as certain traffic offenses committed within the City limits of Fruita, Colorado. Court is held in the Chamber Counsel located at 325 E. Aspen Ave, Second Floor, Fruita, Colorado, 81521. The Fruita Municipal Court Judge is the Honorable Randall L. Brown. You may contact the court at (970) 858-8041.

The Parks and Recreation Department accomodates all City of Fruita recreation programs, city sponsored special and cultural events and parks maintenance and the beautiful Fruita Community Center. The goal of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide opportunities for residents of the community to maintain, enhance and improve their physical and mental well being. The Parks and Recreation Department is currently located at 324 N. Coulson St., Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858-0360.

The Fruita Police Department provides law enforcement services to the Community in order to maintain and improve the safety of the citizens, preserve life and protect property. The Fruita Police Department is located at 101 W. McCune Ave., Fruita, CO 81521; (non-emergency phone number (970) 858-3008). In case of an emergency dial 911.

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and repair of city streets, all municipal appurtenances, wastewater collection, treatment, and regulation of all user discharges. This includes, domestic, commercial, and industrial users to assure compliance with EPA and State regulations.  Public Works also provides distribution and maintenance of non-potable irrigation water for most city residents. Master planning for growth of  the city’s infrastructure is also a part of the department responsibilities. This is accomplished through the department’s engineering division, where all development  is reviewed and approved for proper compliance with city construction specifications, and codes. Refer to the engineering division for a full description of the division’s additional responsibilities. The Public Works Department is located at 900 E. Kiefer, Fruita, CO 81521; (970) 858.9558.