The City of Fruita is a Home Rule City with a Council-Manager form of government. The elected City Council makes policy decisions and enacts legislation while a professional City Manager carries out the council's policies and administers the city government. The Mayor is the political head of city government, presiding over City Council meetings, representing the City at public functions and exercising other powers designated by the Fruita City Charter.
The Home Rule doctrine allows the City, in matters of purely "local and municipal concern", to adopt ordinances which supersede conflicting state statutes. In matters of "mixed state and local concern" or "state wide" concern, City ordinances must conform to State law. The City Charter sets forth the home rule provisions for the City of Fruita.
The Fruita City Council conducts regular meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month and holds a workshop on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
If calling City Hall at 858-3663 does not answer your questions, feel free to contact your City Council members.
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Mayor Lori Buck (858-7767) Contact Lori Buck
Personal Information:

I am a fourth generation Lower Valley Resident (maiden name Clawson), a graduate of Fruita Monument High School and Colorado State University. I lived on the eastern slope for 11 years getting my education and working in my chosen profession of Forestry. I have been married for 18 years and have two daughters 14 and 7. Our family moved back to Fruita in 2001 because growing up in a small town was a great experience and my husband and I wanted that same opportunity for our children. My interest in local government began while working for the City of Fruita Planning Department, where I learned growth management, policy, and planning. I resigned my position the end of 2004 to raise our children and work part-time for our family business.
I currently serve on the Fruita City Council, the last 4 years as Mayor Pro-tem, the Senior Task Force, the Tourism Board, and the Arts & Culture Board. I participated in the Community Plan update, the Land Use Code update, and two Tabor Review Committees. I was a participant in the development of the Parks and Open Space Plan and the Economic Development Plan.
I am deeply rooted in this community. I will ensure that the city continues to remain fiscally responsible, that the small town character of Fruita is preserved while supporting the local economy and that growth is managed in a manner to protect citizen’s interest.

Bob Fuller (858-4350) Contact Bob Fuller
Personal Information:

My wife and I moved from Denver, to the Valley, along with our four children in 1998.  We moved to continue our careers in the commercial banking business. My wife, Debbie has remained in the commercial banking field, however, I was hired away from the bank by one of my residential builder developers, to be their Chief Financial Officer. I have remained in that position to the present, although now with another builder developer.
We moved to Fruita, from Loma in 2005. During the seven years in Loma, I served as the President of the Home Owner’s Association for our community and also was on the board of the Loma Ditch and Lateral Company.  I served on the Board of Trustees at my church (a position that my wife now holds) and continue to be one of the Sunday School teachers. From 2008 until the election in 2010, I served on the Fruita Planning Commission.

Mel Mulder (858-9008) Contact Mel Mulder
Personal Information:

My name is Mel Mulder. I have lived in Fruita since 1986. My children, Eric and Shannon graduated from Fruita Monument High School. My wife, Vera and I have been active in many community events and organizations. We truly love the Fruita Community and the people that make up this community. This is why I am running for a seat on the City Council.
I do have the understanding of how business works, which is necessary to comprehend the proposals brought before Council. Because of my past work history, I feel I can identify with the citizens in this community. Because of the places and situations I experienced in my business career, I feel I have a good understanding of what works and what does not work within different places and regions. My previous experience on the Council and Planning Commission is invaluable in serving with intelligence and integrity.
Resident of Fruita since 1986, former business owner, sales, craftsman .
Community Service includes: - Currently on City Planning Commission, 3 years, - City Council, 6 years, - Currently on Grand Valley Drainage District, - City Parks and Rec Board, - City 2020 Revision Committee, - Public Works Commission, 2 years, - Board of Assessments, 1 year, - GV Air Quality Control Planning Commission, 3 years, - Graduate of Citizens Police Academy - Total Quality Improvement Committee GJ Center, 2 years.

Stacey Mascarenas (250-5724) Contact Stacey Mascarenas
Personal Information:

Having lived in the Grand Valley since 1977, I am proud to call Fruita home. I graduated from Mesa State College in 1991 and am a member of the Alumni Board of Directors. Like Mesa State, Fruita is growing rapidly, challenging its leadership to make bold and decisive decisions that have lasting impacts.
I am running for City Council because Fruita needs to have the leadership in place that can manage this growth reasonably and responsibly while being fiscally prudent. If elected, I will honor our small town atmosphere and community values while inviting needed new services like grocery stores, restaurants, retail, recreation, and the like. I can give the citizens of Fruita common sense know how and proactive leadership. I bring a vast knowledge of working with both private and public sectors and am successful in creating collaborative relationships with both. I have the experience and am ready to do all I can to protect and promote this great city.
For the past 16 years I have worked for the citizens of Mesa County as Mesa County’s Property Agent. I also have a working interest in my family’s business, Wakefield Real Estate, and have since 1977. I am a proud member of Kiwanis and am president of the FMS PTO and Accountability Committee.
I am married to Mark Mascarenas, a teacher with District 51, and together we are raising two children, Logan and Madison. Both are thriving at Fruita Middle School and Rim Rock Elementary.

Joel Kincaid (250-9557) Contact Joel Kincaid
Personal Information:

Joel has lived in Fruita for the past 8 years with his wife Tammy and kids, Kyle (15); and twins Arianna and Taylor (10). Joel enjoys being outdoors and is an active mountain. biker and road cycler. Hiking is a common summer activity for him with his family. In 1990, Joel received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Spring Arbor University in Graphic Design. He worked for a screen printing and embroidery company as well as a manufacturing company for over 12 years before starting his own business, Merge 2 Media. In July of this year Merge 2 Media will celebrate its tenth year in business. Joel has been active in the local Fruita community for the past 7 years. He served as the Fruita Chamber President in 2011 and as Vice President in 2009 and 2010. With his 4 years serving on the Chamber board, he was also active on the Chamber marketing committee for 5 years. Joel is familiar with Fruita having served 3 years on the Fruita Tourism Council. He has coached Fruita soccer for the past 3 seasons for his girls’ teams and looks forward to future seasons. Joel has also been active in the Grand Valley serving on the Camp Hope Board as Secretary for the past 3 years. He has served on several HOA boards and was on the Camp Rock board for 5 years.

Bruce Bonar (858-4418) Contact Bruce Bonar
Personal Information:

I bought my first home in Fruita in 1993. Since then, I have seen Fruita’s population more than double. My goal is to preserve Fruita’s character and quality of life, while allowing it to continue to grow and adapt to meet changing demands.
I have been active in shaping Fruita’s future. I served on the Steering Committee and the Planning Commission during the revision of Fruita’s Community Plan, setting the goals and direction for future growth. I had a major responsibility on the City Council in revising the city’s Land Use Code to implement the new Community Plan. I served on the Steering Committee and the City Council in drafting and adopting the city’s first Parks, Open Space and Trails (POST) Plan. I currently serve on the Board of Adjustments and the City Council.
In 2009, I was a volunteer with the city’s Engineering Department, surveying the location of every street sign in the city. While doing so, I walked the length of every street in Fruita, meeting and talking with many of our neighbors.
I believe the City Council should make responsible decisions that anticipate problems and find realistic solutions. I do not follow a political ideology or personal agenda. When making decisions, I am guided by:
1. What is the law? (What does the law require, what does it allow, and what does it prohibit?)
2. How will this impact the current residents?
3. What is in the city’s best long-term interest?

Cullen Purser (970-361-0076) Contact Cullen Purser
Personal Information:

In 1998, Cullen Purser felt compelled to work at a new coffee shop in Fruita called Java Junction. He saw it as an opportunity to meet interesting people and was rewarded with the forming of some incredible relationships that blossomed into a very rooted life in Fruita. Since then, Cullen has been a youth pastor, a harp maker, a furniture maker, a production manager for a bindery and for the last four years, a handyman. He is also the co-creator of Cavalcade, which is a very unique venue located at 201 E. Aspen Avenue that provides a “space to think, a place to experience and participate in high quality music, the opportunity to sew with friends, the chance to see art in new ways, a safe place to step into the world of crafting, and above all a place to be inspired and learn.” Cullen states that he is wealthy in relationships that span the spectrum from influence to the common Joe. He prides himself in being able to genuinely relate to, listen and communicate with people from all walks of life. Cullen and his wife Jeannine are raising their family in the heart of downtown Fruita.