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You be the designer!

The city is looking for your input on the overall design of the Interstate Gateway and surrounding area which includes the on/off ramps, bridges, roundabouts, and vehicle & pedestrian pathways. We want your input on landscaping, color, and theme, signage, monuments and anything else that’s missing. We’re all ears!

Download the Design Input Packet below and follow the instructions to get started with your design!  Remember, in order to have your suggestions considered, make sure to complete and submit your package by October 31st.

Hiking Club

Hiking Club meets every other Friday morning for an adventure.  We will be traveling further, hiking longer and inviting special guests to join us!  Wear your best hiking shoes, fill those water bottles and join us for your next adventure into the Wild West! 

Hike locations will be posted at the front desk of the Fruita Community Center at least 1 week prior to hike.

** All hikes/walks are eligible for our Miles Club.  Join the Club this Friday!